THE HUMAN CODE Part 1: The Individual
Everybody is giving conflicting points of view – You should eat this! You should eat that! Don’t eat this! Don’t eat that! No fat! No sugar! What is going on? The whole problem of obesity is not just diet alone. 

Dr Tunbridge has traced this problem back to the female hormone oestrogen.  This female hormone exists in both men and women and controls our ability to reproduce.  It also controls our food supply. Here lies the answer: we cannot control the obesity with diet alone, we must also control the hormones that influence our body. 
Dr Tunbridge’s book, The Human Code, examines exactly what this code is and puts forward a proposal to not only stop the problem, but reverse it.  Everybody on our planet should read this book, if the human race is to survive. 

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THE HUMAN CODE Part 2: Society, Psychiatry and God
This book is a fascinating look at how we live together. It may well become the most controversial book of the 21st Century.

To survive, we must live in peace, harmony and trust. Throughout history those times that our societies have flourished is when those three simple goals have been achieved. Everybody gains from it.

Imagine being able to live in an environment of world peace. A world that would take away the anxiety, and one in which we could all trust one another again.



Dr Tunbridge's first novel is a book about the genre of the short story. It contains twenty one cracking good yarns designed to take you to the extremes of your emotions.

To be published by mid 2016.